When purchasing a Straw Braid Machine, always ask for a demonstration of how it works.  Sometimes the vendor will show you the pic. and not let you see what type of stitches it makes.  There are 4 type of Straw braid machines that do different functions.  I hope you can access this video, it will show you how they work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS70kNr0bsQ&t=242s

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thank you for this info about the straw braid machine. I have one that has been restored. I have learned how to thread it but wonder if I have the right needle install in it and I am not sure if I am using the correct thread also. I think I have the welting machine and it sews a chain stitch but on the bottom of the fabric the stitches are loose . Do you know where I can get a manual for this one?  I bought with the intention of use like what the set-up machine does. as I just want to work with the brims.   thanks again for the info.

Mister Fix it for Vintage machines- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXM7NHYFnPY

You're Welcome. What a beautiful machine! I've had my machines since 2011 and as I know of, there is no manual on how to use them. I use regular machine needles, my husband files them down to fit.  For my machine, the needles are too long.  You need to oil the machine each time you use it, regular machine oil works fine. I use regular thread and haven't had any.  The 2nd pic. shows the anatomy of the machine.  Does yours have a "Nail" to guide the braid?  See my pic of the "Nail."  Also, I had to buy a servo motor for mine to be able to adjust the speed. problems. Hope this helps. 

thanks fancy rose. that helps. I assume I oil wherever there is a hole? correct.  I use a knob to turn the wheel, I could be turning too slow. hopefully I will be able to get a motor one day.  I haven't used the machine that much. need to figure it out. I don't have a nail on the machine. I haven't sewn straw yet. I bought the machine to do brims on the hats. thanks again!

 Love your outfit and the hat!

Thanks Elaine, I'll check out the video

You do need a "Nail" on your straw braid machine.  It is used to guide your braid and will keep the stitching even while attaching the braid as you sew.  I oil my machine in all of the holes, just wished they had a sewing manual for them.  It takes time and patience to learn how these machines works, you tube helps.  And the servo motor, at least for me is a must have.  It slows the machine down, I couldn't control the braid and had given up until my husband came to my rescue with the servo motor.  I bought another motor about 2 months ago for my heavy duty sewing machine.


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