Hello Milliners!

First let me say this is a lovely community and I really value all the advice I have gained on here. 

I was wondering if any of you had experiences with trades shows or exhibitions. Our business is far too far away from all the hat buying people, and Etsy isn't the greatest. I have read time and time again that hats sell better in person, and I completely understand why. The local market doesn't exist at all so I need to get my hats to stores around the world. 

I sent press kits and info to many stores with little to no response. I was thinking a trade show would be helpful in getting the brand out there. I was considering "Who's Next" in Paris until I spoke to someone who went last year and they said it was far too commercial to be showing our hats (many of which are one of a kind). 

Does anyone have any advice in this? My hats are unusual and I think maybe a little scary for people to buy without trying on, but I know if I can get hats into store they will sell as the details and work are so much clearer when in person. Any advice? Any show you recommend? 

Thank you milliners!!

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