Hi everyone

My wife and I have now set up The Portrait Kitchen http://portraitkitchen.co.uk/ from our base in the Midlands, UK and we are interested in engaging with milliners.

The main reason was that we had this nice space in our kitchen and it suits millinery very well as we hope to convey via our site.

We have models and MUA's available.

A common problem I noticed when I offered my portraiture before was location. So here is a way to solve that.

Lets say you are based in LA or Paris. Not that easy for you to get to us?! We wanted to crack that problem. How I shoot can do that. As I take an image it syncs securely and privately into the Adobe Creative Cloud in real time. You can receive those images pretty much immediately in an app that sits on your iPad/smartphone/desktop. You could even hook up via say FaceTime so you can be commenting on the images as they happen, from the comfort of your own home.

Hats can be sent and returned via an insured courier because we understand that this is your art and should be respected accordingly. We operate in a smoke free environment.

If anyone is interested in exploring this a bit further then drop us a note via our site or email us at jonbusby@me.com



Image details - 

Milliner: Jane Fryers

Model: Jemimah Nicolle

HMUA: Sydnee Beth Cross

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LONDON & UK MILLINERS  if you need professional photography of your headwear contact Jon :)

Thank you Elaine :)


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