The Pillbox is with us forever, Jackie Kennedy is the person who immediately comes to mind. What do you love about this yesteryear look? Share your pillbox collection, favorites or ideas below.

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Congrats! Greer.  I guess I will have one more milliner to bid against, but would rather you outbid me, than someone who won't appreciate the beauty of these old blocks! Post something from your new block soon, so we can see it!


Sorry about these huge photos.  I'm something of a luddite when it comes copying pictures.  I'm trying to wrap my head around hats that have veils.  Problem is I've never actually seen a hat with a veil on it (I know I'm socially deprived).  It always looks like the veil is sort of floating in space.  What's it attached to?  Is there a pattern to it or do you just kind of scrunch it up to make it look good?  On this hat, what would the veil be attached to?  Is it sewn in a tube or is it a rectangle?

I love pillbox hats and I have several for sale in my Etsy shop that I found in a charity shop! They were great finds!


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