Hi I purchased some and aside from placing it over a sold sinamay any and all ideas to use it would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Hi Coreen, 

I am not really that familiar with Tangle Tuft however it looks like a wonderful textured material to work with! I assume that most people might use it as a filler or a veiling type trim or even fray the edges a little more to add some extra texture! Like you said i am sure it would work fantastically with Sinamay. 

I look forward to seeing what you use it on! 

Thank you for your input

I know this as cobweb sinamay so you can block with it like normal sinimay. I have also used heat bond to fuse two pieces together and shaped it over hat blocks that way - no extra stiffening required as the heat bond does the job for you. You can also fuse a piece of normal sinamay within it too.

Thank you for some new ideas! 

Do you wet it after you bond it with heat bond to block it? Thank you, Sheila


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