Stop others from using your good scissors?

How we despair as we face a busy day in our millinery studio and the snips are missing! They were there yesterday so where are they now!

What is your solution to prevent others from using your good scissors?

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Worse yet, you find them being used to cut paper!  I have 3 pairs of scissors.  My family are allowed to use the black handled pair for anything they like (I use them for sinamay and buckram).  If they absolutely can't find them they use the pair with the orange handles.  The grey handled razor edged Fiskars are treated like some sort of religious artefact.  They are only to be touched by the high priestess of scissors.  This is never questioned ;)  

My children have all left home, and are now responsible for their own scissors.  My husband is afraid me.  Now if I could just remember where I last had them, all would be good.

Ha ha, matriarchal scissor fear. I love it.
Short of chaining them to the table like a pen in a bank, I engrave and then mark my things like scissors. It doesn't stop them going AWOL but at least I can spot them easy when they go elsewhere.
I hide my scissors in my room and let my kids use two lesser pairs hehe...

I label mine: "everything", "textiles only" "paper only" ...and leave 2 cheaper ones in the kitchen for all to use ;-)

Extreme but effective idea... just don't forget the combination number!


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