Hi all,

I'm planning on holding a stall at an event in the future (this isn't time sensitive - I doubt i'll have made enough to do anything before the end of the year), but am a bit lost about how I would go about designing my stall/space. You don't see a lot of hat sellers at craft fairs. 

Does anyone have some inspiration/ pictures they could share. 

Thanks in anticipation :)

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No you don't see any milliners at craft shows that's why I do them. I have shows booked almost every weekend. I use 4 standing hat racks, that hold 15 hats each. A tall table with mirror. It works great , an easy set up and makes a nice presentation. I don't see how to upload an image here. If you go to my facebook page you will see one of my set ups. If you love hats is my facebook page.

Which country are you in?  I do fairs in the US but I am not sure how they are set up elsewhere.

Mary Jo Stockman

Hat Trix

Mary Jo, I live in upstate New York. I can pretty much pick and choose which shows I do. My product is so unusual juries search me out and invite me. ( unusual for craft shows) did you see the picture? It's just one I snapped with my ipad one night at a special event. But you can see the racks.
If you love hats

I would be careful about doing "Craft" fairs.  Craft fairs tend to bring in customers who are not willing to pay millinery price points.  They are looking for inexpensive items.  Jurried "Art Fairs," are a better venue for more expensive hats.  I see that Debbi does craft shows in NY, which may be a different case than here in OH.  This is just what seems to be the case  where I am located.  Having said that.  One thing that works well, if you are setting up a sturdy tent is to purchase vinyl lattice work from your local hardware store.  Drill holes in it that will allow you to use peg board hooks.  Adding styra foam balls onto the hooks makes a nice way to hang your hats without causing damage from the hooks.  The lattice will hang from the horizontal framing of the tent with zip ties. It looks clean, is easy to set up, and provides architectural interest to a blank tent wall.  I have also used wine or beer bottles (no labels) filled with sand.  Attach a hard plastic desert plate or bowl with clear silicone.  These make cheap hat stands, if you need a lot of hat stands for tables. 

Yes, Bridget I agree with Craft fairs- I only do juried shows however I research the show before I do it because just because it's juried doesn't mean it's a good show. I usually look at previous shows to see what kind of work is being shown and also sometimes contact  artists for their feed back. But I have a square reader card which makes it easier for them to pay my prices. I don't sell huge quantities but the shows I do are always worth the effort .

Bridget- I LOVE the idea of attaching the bottle to a plate!  I use bottles and styro heads, they can get wobbly in the Texas prairie winds.  Thanks for the great ideas!

Hi Claire - Michelle,

I agree with the others about attending art shows as opposed to craft shows.  This is my most recent booth setup.  I have gotten bits and pieces over the last year.  Started by borrowing tables from neighbors.  My adjustable height tables and tent were ordered online from Costco, which is a warehouse store. The sturdy hat rack is from Firefly Store Solutions.  I use party store plastic skirts held on with glue dots and large pieces of cut price muslin as covers.  I have a large mirror with an easel back that I purchased at Target- my husband had to fix the cheapy back piece.  My best advice is to give your items room to breathe.  Don't be afraid to hold back some of your stock (I keep mine in a vintage hat box) and offer to customers who are truly interested. 

Best of luck!



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