Australian Spring Racing season is over and it’s time to recharge. I have seen the clock at midnight over too many nights with last minute orders! I always escaped to the hills at Mt Tamborine or over the border to Casuarina Beach for a week.

How do you recover after Melbourne Cup or your peak season?

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My first season making hats so I wasn't sure what to expect... while I had a handful of orders for the races, I was no one near as busy as I imagine some of the people on here would've been! What do people get stuck into after they've had their Melbourne Cup rush? I'm just making things for fun but will quickly run out of storage room if I don't offload my pieces somehow!


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I am watching films and pottering about this week at home. Relaxing is so important. I'm loving the peace and quiet after Melbourne.

Planning, preparation and pottering. 

After the rush dies down and you can actually hear yourself think(what you had been dreaming of for months) you can get a little lost. 

I like to use this time to re-evaluate the year past, reorganise my social media, catch up on filing, bookkeeping and tidy up materials. I have just finished redoing my business plan and am about to start a new collection for summer and start putting away pieces for autumn! exciting times ahead.


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