Hello! I am going to China in a few weeks and I told our guide that I wanted to purchase silk to bring home. I told him that I wanted to stop at a Chinese fabric store as I have read bad reviews of purchasing silk at the Silk Market in Beijing.   I have NO clue what to purchase.  I have just started millinery and hope to learn how to make silk flowers down the road.  Do I buy silk duponti? How many kinds of silk are there? Please advise!  Thanks in advance!  XXOO

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Dupion definitely as easiest to work with as texture is forgiving with any faults. Silk Organza is next choice as so fine. I do use silk satin or silk crepe but more expensive. There is another silk they call party silk in stores and a finer non transparent silk which works well and comes in many colours.

Always make sure it is 100% pure silk. You can't do this when purchasing but if you have fabric in cupboard and wonder if it is silk the test is burn an edge & if it smells like burning feathers and leaves a beaded ash edge it is 100% silk. :)

Habutai Silk is name for what we call party silk.  Extra info - Dupion silk is produced from two silkworms that spin a cocoon together. ... Hence, dupion silk is durable and lustrous, and resists wrinkles to some extent. Habotai Silk. It is also known as China silk, Habutai, Pongee. Look for this as always great colours E xx


Personally, I prefer Silk Baron. They have gorgeous colors and show examples of what someone made with their silk.

Thanks, I leave Sunday, Can't wait!!!!!


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