Hello! I am going to China in a few weeks and I told our guide that I wanted to purchase silk to bring home. I told him that I wanted to stop at a Chinese fabric store as I have read bad reviews of purchasing silk at the Silk Market in Beijing.   I have NO clue what to purchase.  I have just started millinery and hope to learn how to make silk flowers down the road.  Do I buy silk duponti? How many kinds of silk are there? Please advise!  Thanks in advance!  XXOO

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Dupion definitely as easiest to work with as texture is forgiving with any faults. Silk Organza is next choice as so fine. I do use silk satin or silk crepe but more expensive. There is another silk they call party silk in stores and a finer non transparent silk which works well and comes in many colours.

Always make sure it is 100% pure silk. You can't do this when purchasing but if you have fabric in cupboard and wonder if it is silk the test is burn an edge & if it smells like burning feathers and leaves a beaded ash edge it is 100% silk. :)


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