Has anyone had experience of how silk abaca trims react if they are worn in the rain? I mean drizzle or a shower but not heavy downpours? Having used the spray on it after the bows are in place it didn't seem to flop and lose its shape but has anyone else experienced the 'rain' issue please?

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Hi Marion, the silk abaca is such a durable textile, which is why i love working with it so much. Rain does not really affect it all and because it is so quick drying even if you do get is soaked you can use the heat from your fingers to dry back into shape while on your way home from your function. Once back on the workroom table is easy to bring back to life with a dry iron. The demonstration pieces I have used in the Silk Abaca course have been wet and dry at least 100 times with no colour loss and continues to retain the shine. Hope this helps x

Hi Amanda,

That is just what I wanted to hear and had thought might be the case. Really then, quite an added bonus to try to educate my customers here in the UK that having a silk abaca trim will be fine even if race days or wedding days get showered on.......after all we do live in the UK!! 

Thank you


you are so welcome, maybe do a test with silk abaca trim on a headband, go out in the drizzle and see how it goes. maybe take before during and after pics as testimonial ;)

I have worn my silk Abaca pieces in all weather with no problems. I love silk Abaca!

Thank you Carena,

I have made it wet as if in the rain and it was fine.  I too love silk abaca.

Where a outs do you source it from in the UK? I'm really struggling to find it!!

Hi Jessica,

Here at House of Adorn, our postage rates vary depending on the weight of your order. The 'pack n track' method is a good option. We dispatch orders overseas daily.

In regards to Silk Abaca, feel free to browse our website for options. We source only the finest materials and ensure you would be happy with our products. Here is the link for Silk Abaca: http://goo.gl/B4V2Ao

Hopefully, we will be hearing from you in the future.

Enjoy the creativity!

House of Adorn


Hi Jessica www.millineryonline.com.au ship all over the world and the most you would probably pay postage would be $25Aud is also quick shipping. Best silk abaca and colour range x Amanda Macor


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