As a complete beginner, and someone who's hand stitching leaves a lot to be desired, what sewing machine is recommended by all you experienced milliners out there?

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no doubt Singer 4432 is the best heavy duty sewing machine. I used it for almost 5 years & loved the work.

f you are having trouble finding a sewing machine that is suitable for your needs, consider taking a sewing class at the sewing machine department. Many sewing classes will give you a chance to try out the many styles and features of the sewing machines at Walmart is available. Unless you are in desperate need of a reliable machine that can meet your deadlines, it may be best to keep your eyes open for these sales and save yourself a bunch of money.

if you are a complete beginner, start with Singer 1304 sewing machine as it is one of the best sewing machines for beginners & also easy to use.


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