Hi all

I think it's time that I purchased a sewing machine... I'm not sure how I've managed without one for this long! But I have no clue where to start... I have a budget of around $250-$300 and have been advised by many people not to buy an electronic one as they can break easily. I've only used a sewing machine a couple of times before so need something fairly straightforward to use. I need it to stitch sinamay, silk abaca and fabric (so nothing heavy duty). 

Which makes and models would be recommended? I'm based in Australia. 

Many thanks in advance :)


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Hi  Silpa, 

I was not a sewer much when I started and my first machine was a janome, spotlight and janome centre  always have specials  elna are good too hope this helps 


Check out this discussion before you buy Silpa - yes I agree if you buy new one Janome will do everything you need        https://hatacademy.com/forum/topics/sewing-machines?commentId=64859...


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