Sometimes you are approached by experienced race day enthusiasts who are confident in what they are wearing and are well versed in race day etiquette, other times customers may need a little extra guidance.

What tips do you have for your customers?

My top three are:
1. Dress for Comfort - remember that you will be wearing "those" shoes all day!

2. Think like a lady - I try to imagine a day at the races like a trip to visit the queen, if her royal highness would raise her eyebrows at your skirt length then you should possibly reconsider your attire. Be sure to check the dress code for the competition you are entering as there may be different requirements for that specific competition e.g. stockings for winter.

3. Consider the weather - Always have a suitable alternative for changed weather conditions and be sure that you are wearing season appropriate textiles e.g. felt for winter. 

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To consider the perfect weather is most important part to wear a hat like if you are gong in contact with sun then bucket hats is best option.


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