Hi all

I'm trying to get my hands on some black ribbon with cream polka dots to go an Audrey Hepburn inspired hat.  Minimum 40mm wide. 

Would anyone have some they would be willing to sell me or can anyone suggest where I may be able to locate some. 

I have tried all the mainstream suppliers and have found a thinner one at Spotlight (although the quality doesn't thrill me). 

I have my fingers crossed someone may have some stashed away. 



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Hi Linda......most places only seem to have black with White polka dots.  Have you thought of making your own trim using fabric. Balck with IVORY polka dots  is on the Vogue Fabrics website in America. The dots certainly look creamy and not white..

Thanks Marion.  Yes - I had thought of that.  Have to see what I can track down.  Don't have time for it to come from the states. 

I brought a PFD on ribbon work, this was the suggested supplier, they have a wonderful range http://www.theribbonretreat.com/Ribbon/2-14-polka-dots.aspx

Thanks Ness.  I found them earlier.  I have scoured the net, ebay and etsy.  Found something that would be perfect but they quote a 6 week turnaround to get from the States to Aus and unfortunately I don't have that much time up my sleeve.    I think I will revert to making my own - hopefully finding some matching fabric will a lot easier. 


What was the name of the site you found in the states that had it? Is it actual Petersham?





Renee - I'm sorry - have just seen this.  I can't for the life of me remember now....if I do come across it again I will post it. 

I think it was a ribbon supplier on Etsy though. 


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