Hello from Boise, ID

Sophie Allport uses Pellon in her headband lessons but in the US, Pellon is the brand name of all sorts of interfacing, linings and stiffening materials. Could I get some more specific info about the type of Pellon she uses?


Tania Hansen

Wildflower Millinery

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Hi Tania, Yes Pelon is found in haberdashery stores with Vilene but it is a fine wadding about .2-3cm thick used by quilters and patchworkers. House of Adorn supply such but otherwise your local craft store In the 1960s we used flannelette as melon was not available  Best wishes, E xx

Hi from Florida,

I use a Pellon product that I buy locally at Joann and it works perfectly for Sophie’s headband project. Unfortunately I never pay much attention to the name on the bolt but it may be called Thermolam. It is thinner than most quilt batting; I would say about 2mm and has a very little bit of loft. I have been using it for years as a great substitute for domette which I can only find from tailoring suppliers like Bias Bespoke or Wawak. I hope this helps.


Jan Luckinbill


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