Hi all, Hoping someone can direct me to a reliable source for purchasing panama unblocked hats. I'm looking for reasonably priced panama unblocked. thanks much.

Love looking at everyone's creations on this site. Gives me inspiration and joy to see all the creative people that are out there. XO

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Yes Karen some amazingly creative milliners here. The styling always excites me and I appreciate the work involved as well. Connect with Hatters as they are getting new supply of panamas for summer

I investigated buying some overseas years ago but they required large quantities in each colour. At one stage I had a Smart Casual range called "Not Gone with the Wind" - a blocked panama with petersham bind and chiffon scarf threaded through riveted openings and the scarf was long enough to tie in different ways to secure and still look classy.  

Perhaps contact some of the makers of panama hats?

they often source from agents who buy from the Ecuadorian natives who weave them. Did you know it takes 3 months for one weaver to make a high quality form?



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