Good morning,
I would like to paint my own design on to self coloured Sinamay, can't find correct colour combinations on ready bought.
Wondering if anybody has any advice on types of paint to use. I would like to use a paint brush so that I can get a shaded effect. Thank you :)

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Hi Shonda,

In the past I have used a modified version of rit dye. I just mix the dye with a small amount of water making it like a smooth paste and working it out on a pallet with a brush. I add just a drop or two of grapeseed oil to make it easy to apply but not too much. The dye adheres to the sinimay and dries without running. I would suggest doing a test sample before actual use. Just a suggestion.

Great, will try this tomorrow.

Hello ladies, I am very interested in this also, and have been wondering where to start experimenting!  This will save me so much time and expense and I can jump in and start working on the ideas floating around in my head.  Many thanks!


Just thinking about this yesterday!  Was trying to figure out what medium I could use to thicken the rit dye and make it more spreadable.  You just saved me some experimentation.  Thanks!

Could it work being mixed with a little white glue! Would allow a spread ?

 Another idea, " sharpie" have fabric pens out, and I have a black one, which is great when you only have white cotton covered wire left and need black.

Thanks, didn't realise that Sharpie did fabric pens. Need to get one.

Test the fabric before using Sharpies and alcohol pens. For instance, I was trying to color rayon/cotton petersham with an alcohol marker and it weirdly separated to many different colors depending on whether the cotton or the rayon was taking up the pigment, if that makes sense.


Thanks everyone.
Hadn't thought about rit dye. Will give this a try, on a wee test bit as suggested, Mings House. Been there too many times before when I have jumped right in and made a hash of it.
I had been thinking along the lines of fabric paint, the iron fix stuff. Don't know if anybody has tried that?
I use acrylic it works just fine do not add water so or it will damage the sinamay

Acrylic I already have, it would be perfect.

How do you apply it : brush ? spray ? I guess it would be useful to diluate a little ; what do you think about medium to paint or gesso ?

Thanks everyone for your help, many things to try. :)

Could someone post pictures of painted sinamay?  I would love to see your projects!


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