Social media are tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. I genuinely love social media, a little too much at times (aka easily distracted); I work full time in someone elses business so need all the help I can get to focus on my own sometimes (ok most of the time). Social media is an easy, affordable, self-managed, marketing outlet.

There are a couple of tools available to help you managed these and remove distractions. One such tool is Hootsuite, it's an app' that you can download to your Apple iTool and also to your desktop as well as to android tools. Hootsuite allows you to manage your facebook and twitter pages from the one program. You can schedule updates, add images via this, respond to posts and message, etc.

There are other similar ones such as Tweetdeck. Their pricing varies from free to a user fee depending on the amount of social media accounts that you need to access. As far as I am aware, they don't allow you to manage image based social media outlets (ie, pinterest etc)

I'm not sure if this will help anyone, but if it does then that is great.

A side note: from an SEO (search engine optimisation) point of view; the more sites that reference your primary website (eg if on your facebook page you have your website listed), the more cross references the search engine bots detect thus pushing your chance of being found higher up the list. It's kind of like the six degree of Kevin Bacon game, and like the name suggests, the WWW is an intangible network of cross links. You get your name on those threads, and 'links' keep getting recognised ( a spiders leg hits a thread that you're not directly sitting on, but that thread is touching another thread that is touching yours, you're gonna wobble a little bit). Hope that didn't confuse any one.

What social media tools do you use?

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Great information.  I am very old school when it comes to social media, I don't really like it.  Social media marketing is the most challenging aspect of online marketing for me.  It's not that I can't do it, actually it isn't really any different than marketing a brick and mortor business.  The more exposure, the more traffic, the more sales etc.  I just hate taking time away from creating to do it.  First you need to find the outlets, then go through the learning curve, spend time interacting and so on.  That is not to say that I haven't adapted and met some really lovely people through my social media outlets tied to by business. I have met some lovely individuals, that I feel are kindred spirits that I would have never met otherwise. The key I believe is cutting down on the time that you actually need to spend on individual site, which your discussion addresses quite nicely.


I use twitter, pinterest, flickr, tumblr & youtube on a regular basis all of which are linked to my website. I also have linkedin & facebook pages however I don't use these very much. I find you need them sometimes just to link into other web pages.

If your not careful, you can find yourself spending too much time on these networks. Very addictive but I have got work from using twitter and it is a good way of marketing, finding other milliners, photographers, equipment, ect.

I use the expertise of my teenagers to save time. They've managed to link pages so that I only have to upload images/text once and it updates automatically. Don't ask me how though! 

Very helpful. Will most definately look into this. The thought of maintaining all avenues is quite daunting and yes, it is VERY easy to lose time in the world of social media. 


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