Hi Everybody!  I am so excited about taking this Intermediate Course.  I am also thrilled to have a new group of people with whom I can discuss hats, problems and triumphs.  I have sewed most of my life.  At about age ten or eleven someone gave me an old sewing machine that only did straight stitching and didn't do that very well.  I later found out it need little more than a major tune up.  I began sewing doll clothes for me and my six younger sisters.  In high school I made prom gowns then bought the fabric for my own gown.  It went on and on--now I have been going for over fifty years.  I did full bridal parties and designed the wedding gown.  I have made Pendleton suits, leather hand bags, Victorian Reticles (Complete with bead embroidery!) and more layette sets than I care to count.  Three years ago, my next youngest sister died from brain cancer and I began my adventure into the world of hats.  

I am married to a Brit so when I retired four years ago, we decided to travel.  We are doing it by living in the country of destination then traveling the area.  I love it.  

I currently have a room full of hats(somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty both blocked and machine sewn.)  I am a terrible business woman, but a pretty fair artist.  I have sold a few hats, but I am reluctant to do that because I am still honing my skills and learning basic techniques. I will probably end up giving away most of the hats I have right now because many of them have visible imperfections.  A few turned out well.  My desire, down the road, is to set up either a brick and mortar store or an online shop.  I can't wait to get to know you all and pick you brains for ideas.

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