Hi everyone, my name is Hilda I've moved to Alberta 4 years ago from South Africa where I was a Milliner. I only moved with a few millinery things hoping to buy more here.

Does anyone know where I can buy Sinamay in Alberta or around Canada? Am also looking for hat blocks and felt hoods to make get hats.

Any bit of information will help. 

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Hi Hilda, We recommend blocks from HatBlocks Australia + freight free to you https://hatblocksaustralia.com.au/products and for huge array of supplies House of Adorn https://www.houseofadorn.com/millinery/sinamay-straws  Hope this info is helpful - Elaine  

Hi Hilda!

I'm a milliner in Alberta too, in Calgary.  I inherited some blocks from my grandmother, and my father made me a few.  The rest I bought on ebay over the years.  I haven't found any suppliers for millinery materials in Alberta.  I buy my supplies on-line from places like Judith M, Manny's in new York for hoods and Hats by Leko, plus British suppliers.  In Canada I use Farthingales for buckram and wire.  But I am making theatrical hats, so I don't use Sinamay. 

I know a few other milliners in Alberta, mostly in Calgary.  We should form a group and try to work together somehow...  There are only a handful of us out here!

Warmly,  Carolyn Devins

Easel Incorporated (www.easelincorporated.com)

Try B Unique Millinery they have a warehouse in Canada


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