Greetings to all milliners!

I have recently decided to go and settle in Montréal, Canada in the future. And at some point I wish to establish my brand there maybe.

Do you have any particular advice on millinery in Canada? Do you think it might be a fun experience? Do you have any ideas on Montréal? Are they into hats and fascinators?

Do you know any milliners there? Because I would also need some training in materials and blocks as my craft is more South American based , so I am also up for it!

Best wishes and keep sewing you all ! :)

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All the best

thanks ! :)

Look at she is based there and maybe she will answer your enquiries! It is not the boonies evey country and continent in the world has hat wearers - even the Amazon jungle inhabitants need hats to protect from hot sun!!! So your question may not have been answered because it was deplacee!

Thanks Edith. 

Opheliehats, I found it! It gives me a broad idea about what to expect, it is a good advice.

There is always the gap to join between protective headwear and -justfor the fun of wearing- excentric millinery. So maybe I should keep giving it a try :).


I live in Montreal and recently took an introduction course at You can take different type of course with Lucie.

To answer your question regarding people interest in hat in Montreal, lets be honest: it is low. Most of people wear hats to protect themselves from the cold, but you won't see many people wearing hats for the fashion aspect. There are, but not many. I think people are interested, but they are shy to draw too much attention maybe? And most people don't know how to shop for a hat that is flattering, so they get discouraged easily. On the other hand, I have the impression that hats are gonna come back soon as fashion (clothes) is quite boring and repetitive these days.

Hey, it is great to have replies! This is my first discussion ever so I may not be of an expert with my replies.

Thanks KiKi Butler, finding daring people willing to use millinery is a constant here in my country too, and that website looks quite interesting.

I just realized I need to learn all millinery terms and names in french. Like bibis, and tulle grec, etc. Now i know them in english and spanish... phew that's a lot of terms to study! So taking the course would be a great idea to do so maybe,

Thanks again!

Kiki, are there any good places in Montreal to buy millinery supplies? I am in Vermont, and Montreal is by far the closest big city to me (about 1.5 hours away).

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier Kristin. Unfortunately, you won't find much stuff in Mtl... I will investigate a bit more in the next few days and I'll come back with some addresses if I find any!

Hi Kiki,

I have the same question. did you have any luck finding supplies in MTL? I want to buy some hat blocks.



Hi Kristin,

I am also going to MTL to hunt for supplies, have u had any luck for searching in MTL?



Hey! I'm based in the Yukon, but I know people that work in fashion in Montreal who are starting to seek the work of milliners. Plus, there is also the film industry and other wardrobe related niches that you could get into. It will definitely take tons of networking and it wont be easy at first, but it is a largely untapped market and if i can find work in the Yukon, you certainly can in Montreal!  Ps. I'd love for us Canadian Milliners to stay and touch, and maybe ultimately form a guild. i was part of one back in Argentina where i am from, and it is so great to be able to exchange info and experiences, and join efforts into creating events and opportunities for our work to be showcased.
My facebook page is not as updated as it should be, but send me a message nonetheless and I'll see it.

Best of luck!


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