Estimate the length* of Vintage Swiss Braid Straw in this bundle. The four closest estimations each win a ticket valued @ $80 each for a front row seat at the "The Hat and The Little Black Dress" fashion runway! In the event of a tie the earlier entry will be the winner. Your win will be confirmed by Emily Moe of The Milliners of Etsy. It is essential you are able to attend this event in Michigan on 9th June 2013 at 3pm. 
Entries close 26/05/13
Prize is a ticket only winner must pay for your own travel accommodation expenses.
This prize is not transferable in cash. 

* Ruler in inches.

The answer is 25 Yards, winners will be contacted!

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Replies to This Discussion

I'm guessing 5 yards.

-Tracy brown

I am guessing 4.25 yds

Good morning

I am guessing 6.5 yards

Jenny Lucas

around 9 yards

8 yards

3 yards.

-Angelica Pavone

My guess is 7 yards.

- Anna Thorpe

5.5 yards

I am guessing 3.5 yards

Debra Ebanks

My guess is 7 yards.

      Patricia Cooper

12.5 yards

I estimate that it will be 15.8 yards.


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