Some are just not coping with isolation and are going as ‘Mad as a Hatter!’ Over a cup of coffee I decided to discuss this with my hat block and we agreed we just need to get our head around all these changes to keep ahead of it all. I dare not discuss with my steamer as she gets so overheated at times. All my sewing machine had to say was, “It's not as bad as it seams.” The needle always makes a sharp point but we don’t always see eye to eye so decided not discussing with her. The hair comb was very unsympathetic, “Just get a strong hold on yourself!” At least the millinery wire had heart saying we must stay strong and supportive to keep stable. The iron calmed me down as she assured me all will be smoothed out, no situation is too pressing. The hat elastic agreed that we will all bounce back soon. Stay Calm - Make Hats!!  

How are you keeping busy, entertained, inspired in isolation?

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