Melbourne. Take me to work in your shop. Let's do things together.

Hi everyone. So I just arrived in Melbourne, Australia.

Seeking to work in millinery and/ or fashion. This set of hands are all good to work for you.

I am experienced with basically all related to the store and the millinery craft.

I am doing side gigs as cleaning, and working as bar staff but come on! I want to do what I am good at. Lets meet and start amazing things together. I am very entrepreneurial too and have business skills. Finished a diploma in business in Queensland and I had prior studies in brand structure. 10 years experience with a millinery brand.

Oh, yes and I use parametric modeling in CAD, so I know how to do Digital fabrication (laser cutting, 3dprinting, and fabric printing).

Let's get in touch.

Phone is: 0470441637

Have a look at my work on Insta: @hola.tomi

Have a great day ya' all!

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