Because I miss my loved one! Looking to meet Australian milliners to go visit and co-create.

Hello Millinery community.

Hope you are having a happy sewing time.

My love went to live to Australia for almost a year now, and I miss him so bad. He is currently in Brisbane. Studying social service and will stay there for two years more.

I want to see him for a while, embrace him, give him some kisses and stare closely into his eyes.
We talk to each other every day, and try to keep the spark and the hope but sometimes is just frustrating and difficult. I keep saying to both of us 'we will survive this distance'. And I hope we will.

But sometimes you have to give it a try and as we all know: Millinery in Australia rocks!!! And it wouldn't be bad to learn a lot from it, and visit a new country for some months.

It would be great to establish contact with and Australian milliner, or millinery shop, to show them my past work and experience and what I could provide to them, and maybe we could arrange a short term internship experience.

My designs have a lot of tension in design, and I am into digital fabrication and parametrism.You know, laser cutting, 3d print, patterns, etc.

Last experiment I was doing was microscopic flower shapes on plastic (laser- cut and thermo) to make some futurist headpieces.

So my invitation is: Let's win a racing contest together! And you would make it possible for two hearts to reunite for a while. :P

Write to me if it rings your bell or sweetens your soul.

My e- mail is

Will attach some pictures but still you can look into my portfolio

Bye, and hats to all!

PS: I have been doing a lot of costume millinery for Latin telenovelas. Check it out in my gallery.

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