Hi I've been looking at online at logo making site's for my millinery business.  But I'm finding it dificult to decide which site to use.  Any advice would be appreciated. Many Thanks Janet

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I am also curious about such sites. Janet, what sites have you used so far? You can look for general logos on Pinterest also if you have not already.

Hi I've been trying a few and like Tailor Brands, Graphic Springs and Ucraft. I have now realised I'm also confused about what package to purchase, as they offer basic and then also a range of files for use in social media etc.See my reply to Christine Amanda, for a couple of examples of what I've created for free but when I tried to load these to facebook I could't get the size right. I will look on Pinterest as I hadn't tried there. Many Thanks Janet

If cost is not an issue, have you considered asking a local graphic designer in your area to help you design a logo? A friend of mine designed the logo for my millinery brand (in my profile picture) and also assisted me with designing business cards, even recommending places I could have them printed. Often a design student or university graduate may have slightly less expensive rates, and would appreciate the support and the work for their portfolio.

When I googled for millinery business logos, I couldn't find a lot! Most milliners seemed to use their full name and "Millinery", but I had a business name registered already (plus my surname is very common!) so I wanted something a bit different. I make mainly headpieces, rather than full hats, so my logo reflects this.

I studied graphic design, I've been working in IT for a while now so felt like I needed some help designing my logo. However, I feel that online logo making sites are often limited in the fonts and graphics that they offer, and it's hard to make the logo truly fit your brand and personality.

I used Pinterest to build a mood board of logos that I liked the look of, and sent this to the designer I worked with. I'd also write down a few key words regarding the desired look and feel of your brand - eg. "timeless", "elegant", "contemporary", "fun" - and make sure your final logo fits with these brand values. Hope this helps!

Hi Christine, Thank you for your response.  Your Logo looks amazing and reflects your designs very well.  I wasn't looking to spend a lot and wanted to keep it simple.  I too am looking to not just use my name and mainly making Crowns and Perchers.  I was going to use Lady B Millinery as Lady B is my nick name at work.  You make a good point about not being a traditional Milliner so I may change to Lady B Designs. I've created the below so far, I will now I've seen yours  look at local grapic design costs. Many Thanks Janet  

I just got mine done on vistaprint you tell them the kind of thing you want and they will email 3 options back when you have decided on one they will make any changs to it for you it was very quick aswell about 48 hours.
I would add a picture but I'm not to sure how to add a picture to my reply.
Thanks Natasha I didn't think about using Vista Print. I ended up using Logo joy and then ordered business cards from Vista Print. I post the result soon. Regards Janet

Hi Natasha

This is what I ended up with using Logojoy.  I used this as the picture on my business cards which arrived looking great from Vista Print.  I have worked out if you click on the picture icon on th top left when you hit reply you can add a picture.  Regards Janet

Hi All Just thought I would share the end result of my logo from Logo Joy.  I ordered business cards from Vista Print which arrived promptly and were of a high quality.  Its a bit of a long process doing it yourself online but for around $60.00 really worth it. Regards Janet

Congrats Janet - perfect .....millinery is a serious business now you have a recognisable label xx

Thanks Elaine it takes lots of time to do it yourself online but worth it in the end.


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