I have just bought a laminated raffia crochet hood from the 1970s.  Its ivory and gorgeous.  To open up I was going to steam, block and then..... what stiffener would you use? As its laminated and crocheted I wasnt too sure the best method. I'm making into a bridal crown headband. Also I dont want any discolouring so stiffener on inside or outside?

Your help would be much appreciated... I'm also loving my studio subscription! 

Thanks Cathx 

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Hi Cathrine I presume you are not using to cover a base but wanting to stiffen on its own to display lace look. I have never seen these used solely on their own as the open weave of crochet does not provide density to support strength. The word laminate refers to it being sealed and unlikely to absorb any stiffener to give the band support. Experiment with stiffener on a small section on under side will be best way to test. A wire frame may be needed to support it Let us know how you go with this as experimenting is our best teacher. E xx

So glad you are enjoying Studio Subscription as best way to grasp all basic skills https://www.hatacademy.studio/browse  More additions coming too :) - Elaine 


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