Internships and getting further experience in millinery

I'm relatively new to millinery and have attended some classes but am mostly self taught. I was thinking about doing an internship or getting experience with an experienced milliner to further my skills and knowledge in millinery. 

I was wondering what is the best way to go about acquiring an internship, in Ireland or the UK and if there was a usual level of skills or experience that is needed before going into an internship in millinery? 

Thanks in advance. Emma 

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Hi Emma,

I had the exact same feelings when i started and i feel as though an internship is a great way to get an inside view into the industry. Internships vary in a huge variety of ways. You might have a job picking up pins but you will be absorbing information all the time. I did one internship when i was starting out and while it was great, i didn't really learn the skills i had anticipated. A lot of milliners keep their cards close to their hearts. Every situation is different and if you can find the right mentor it can be amazing. After my work experience i decided to spend my time and money on practicing, practicing, practicing with a few Hat Academy classes and other classes here and there and i really developed my craft and was able to focus in on areas that i enjoyed and suited my style. Hope this helps1

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