How to make VERY flat brim on Fedora? Help.

This is my first time posting. 

I have purchased some fur felt hat bodies (beaver/ rabbit) on discount to make fedoras with 3.25-4'brims/ 3.5-5" crowns.  I am having a heck of a time getting the brims to flatten.  They seem to lay flat but when they are worn they curve in the front and flip on the sides.  I don't hate the way they look with the curved brim, but I would like to be able to create some with totally flat brims.  I have purchased spray shellac and Biehl hat stiffener, and the fabric is stiff, but not razor flat like I want it.  Not sure if the felts aren't treated with enough stiffener or maybe they are too tight when worn and flip down. Or is it operator error? Any tips would be appreciated. 

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I will wire the brim to get a very flat style. You can either hide the wire by making a hem or use petersham ribbon to bind the edges.

I strengthened  the brim with a lot of shellac and taped them on flat surface.. It stays flat without wire, but once in a while you need to flattened them again with wet cloth and iron..

It may be because that is the way they were originally shaped/felted.  I would try steam ironiing the brim,  The heat and steam might make the felt hairs reorient themselves enough to stay flat.  The steam might reactivate a water-based stiffener.  Fedoras don't normally have flat brims   I read somewhere that they typically have a 2.5 inch brim and 4.5 inch crown.

My first post too.


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