How to block fedora's and trilby's??

Hi,  can someone recommend which online course would be best to learn how to block fedora's and trilby's? (in any material would be fine).  and which brim block would be most suitable? thank you! 

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Hi Susie We do have a few courses which include working with felt but nothing specific from a Hatters perspective - A Hatter makes Male hats as in trilby and fedoras plus. Check out the Hatters specific Blocks here.  Stay well & safe, Elaine

Hi Susie, Welcome to the world of hatting. It's different materials & blocks. I block both trilbys & fedoras but when I was learning I couldn't find online instructions. Its different then millinery in that you do "all-in-one" blocking upside down. What I've seen most online instruction they teach it doing two-part - crown & brim. Katherine Elizabeth does an online trilby course using this method. 

My studio is half millinery & half hatting. I have some of the tools if you want me to post some pictures. 

I'm fortunate because I live in cattle country so at most stock shows there's hatters that set up booths to clean & reshape Cowboy hats. They're open to answering questions. 


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