How long should you keep inventory listed?

Once you have made a hat and listed it, how long should you keep it listed, before assuming that no one is interested in that piece?  Should there be an "expiration" date?  Also, since seasons vary throughout the world, should summer straws and winter felts stay in your shop year around?

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Honestly, when you create millinery from your own creativity rather then for a specific client it may be sometime until the 'right' person comes along.  If the item isn't their for it's right owner to fall in love with, then when and where will they see it? In short, keep it listed.

As for straws and felts year round, yep leave them year round. You can show case seasonal fashion for your country, having the other materials in the general part of the store so that your potential and current clients can see what you have and can think ahead for the next season.

I agree with Megan on this and you can also put it online and leave it, but if you ever felt the need to change/refresh the trimmings then do it but leave the hat there as  as all creations have their rightful owners!

I agree too! My site actually only allows me to show a certain  number of products for sale, but it does allow me to move those pictures as images into the main site, so I intend to rotate, as one would do in a shop window, all creations will remain on view, just not in the shop all at the same time.

Thank you, I have been leaving all hats listed, and have been surprised to find hats that I considered taking down, now selling with other clients requesting custom orders based on the original photos.

That's good to hear, and confirms my suspicions!



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