"Study the Past to define the Future." During my training in millinery, tailoring and dressmaking in 1964/65 we had to study Fashion Design from former eras then design current fashion wear with '64 styling, based on these gowns of yesteryear. We had to produce 20 sketches for subject 'Costume Designing' with details and here are a 6 of these especially for all who have a love of vintage.

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Wow - what wonderful sketches and written details! This was quite an assignment and a lot of drawing. You are a wonderful artist Elaine and this was a treat to see... thank you for sharing it! 

In the 60s Copyright was not a legal issue as it is today & we actually had to do research in library and they allowed us to trace the shapes then we had to fill in detail for home work with a horrid fine pointed Black ink pen called a repitograph. There is a complete set of 20 pics. At the time I could not see the value of so much work ...would sooner have been making hats!!  E xx  

Thank you for sharing these beautiful sketches, Elaine. I'd love to see the others. Your knowledge is amazing. I love Hat Academy - so much inspiration! 

Glad you appreciate them. Will put on my' to do' list to scan in rest and add here. So glad Hat Academy is inspiring & helping you to excel - Happy Easter, E xx 

Now framed and mounted on my hall way!


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