Hi guys, I'm wondering if I can get some of your opinions regarding hats and outfits.

I'm trying to decorate my very first hat for a horse race next weekend, and I'm having a hard time with it because I haven't decided what I'm wearing quite yet, which led me to wonder: do we make the hat to match the outfit, or pick an outfit that goes with the hat? What do you guys think?

Thanks a bunch for any insight!


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Outfit first or hat first? This is the age old question being asked again in Hat Academy this week. Well the skirt came first and I made the hat. It was originally a plain tan and black boater but hey, who can resist adding a bit of colour in the flower along with my ribbons and a bit of chain and veiling! So sometimes the outfit can undergo a few changes along the way, depending on which event you’re wearing it to, and whether there are little boys to dress as well! Who can resist hand made waistcoats and cute covered shoes? Oh, and don’t forget the bow tie detail! Thanks to Ross Stevenson for some fabulous photos of the day at Caloundra!


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