I've recently been sewing some fabric hats -- pretty typical sunhats with extra-large brims.  They have that floppy look.  I'm considering sewing a wire along the perimeter of the hat to give it more structure.  

With the materials I have used in the hats, without the wire, they could be washed in the washing machine or dry cleaned.  

How would I clean the hat with the wire?  

The remainder of the materials in the hat are 100% cotton duck for the hat, washable interfacing, and quilt batting.  

Thanks in advance for your help.  


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Have you ever used the nylon brim reed ?


I have used in floppy fabric brims strengthened with a canvas - using zipper foot against the plastic wire & sewing a welt around edge to house it. Not an expert in this area and hope someone else has experience they can share. Elaine

Thanks so much.  That product looks much better than a wire!



I am late in responding, but I use plastic millinery wire for all of the washable hats that I make.  Works great, but caution hand washing, rather than throwing in with a washer of jeans. LOL

Hi.  I've been using this hat everyday as it has /had flexible metal wire in brim that made it easy to shape, as needed.  During lockdown, this made great sense, helped bloc out wind streams and dust clouds, but  had to wash regularly.  Last week I let it dry, straight of of Ocean dip and salt water must have sent the metals in wire in overdrive.  LAST NIGHT I TOOK WIRE OUT, WHICH WAS ABOUT 4 1/2 FEET LONG, SCOTCH TAPED INTO A CIRCLE., SEWN INTO A NOW VERY RUSTY EDGE OF HAT.  floppy brimmed white cotton hat, China/SunNSand Headwear.

  I am assuming wire is as follows,  as I am trying to replace the wire and hat ribbon used on edge ASAP: extra firm 1.2mm wide (approx. 16 gauge) millinery wire is made from copper washed steel and is covered in white cotton which is ideal for creating sturdy hat bases.    MY PROBLEM IS I FORECAST THIS IS SAME WIRE, POSSIBLY, WITH SAME TENDENCY TO RUST AND BLEED INTO FABRICS.  IS THERE ANY OTHER MALLEABLE THICKER WIRE, NOT PLASTIC, THAT WOULD NOT RUST?

Also, to replace cotton edging, which I didn't know what to call until today and still not sure, I found this: Grosgrain Ribbon in white to replace edging on hat where wire is sewn in. I sew by hand, have no machine.  But that's not a problem.  Is there anything similar I can look for that is closer to cotton?  Beggars can't be choosers.  I need this hat working again, before I go back outside, which could be any minute now.  THANK YOU.  STAY SAFE AS POSSIBLE!
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