" Milliners hate Hat Pins " Do you agree? Do you have a collection? What is best way to secure hat or headpiece on the head ready for a windy day?

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It was the cloche of the 1920s that lead to the first stage of the demise of the Hatpin. Because the cloche sat down low over the ears & hugged the head a hatpin was not required to secure the hat as it had done in pre WW1 days with wide brim & high perched crowns.  I think I have often seen hat pins in the Queens hats.

Yes, no doubt you are right, Elaine. There's something about the romance of them, they are such a gorgeous adornment.  Even though we don't need them any more, what with combs and hair bands, I cant help wishing we did.

Having said that, does anybody know anything about banana wire?

A bit of information on the HAT PIN:

1908 An English judge, fearing that their pins could be used as weapons in his court, ordered a group of suffragettes on trial to remove their hatpins and hats, an insulting request. In 1909 a bill was introduced in the Arkansas legislature which copied an Illinois law limiting the length of pins to 9 inches or making ladies take out permits to possess longer ones. The pins were considered deadly weapons. As a result ladies had to cut their pins to the shorter length if they wanted to wear them in public. Also by the 1910s, ordinances were passed requiring hatpin tips to be covered so as not to injure people accidentally. Various covers were made, but poorer women often had to make do with ersatz items like potato pieces and cork.

No potato or cork ends on these Vintage hat pins I found in an Italian tailors store in Nth Qld years ago. So lovely with their silver settings and chains with piece to cover the sharp end. Often add to vintage look cloche as part of trim. 

Oh! They are lovely

These are beautiful!

Just wanted to add that while we think of hat pins as the beautiful ornamental pins. In the past ladies who could not afford to buy these beautiful pieces made do with simple corsage pins.  I have three hats that previously belonged to one of my husband's grandmothers inserted into each hat is a long corsage pin.  Whether she used these because she could not find traditional hat pins, or she just could not afford them, I cannot be certain.  I do know that she was a very frugal lady.

Hello,  My name is Chuck and I am in Guelph, Ontario.

 I have come across this vintage hat and I was in the hopes of  getting some information on its history and perhaps a current value.

The hat is Ann Albrizio feathered upbrim.

I dont think its ever been worn and has been in a hat box and in storage for a long while.

I could send a photo if you have the time and wish to help me out.

Thank you

Hi Chuck

Add photo here and we will feature as we do have milliners here who are knowledgeable in vintage headwear.

To add pic here just click on second icon on bar when you reply and search for it in pics or off desk top.

Sounds good if still in box. Happy to help you. We all love vintage at the moment. Elaine


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