I would like to make some hat pins and my question is what do you do to keep beads from coming off the top. I know a clutch is on the bottom. Do you need a special bead with one side closed?

Any help appreciated.

Thanks, Stephanie

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Hi Stephanie,

How nice to find you here!  I had to make some hat pins for a stage production once time, and I used "Hat Pin Blanks" as my base.  They're like really long straight pins that have a small flat metal disk on one end and a point on the other.  Yes, you need to use a clutch for safety, but the flat disk will keep most beads from coming off the other end.  If you have a bead with a too-big-hole you can put a sequin on first to cover the hole.  I just did a quick check on Etsy and there are several sellers offering Hat Pin Blanks there.  They tend to be 5-7" long and come in silver or gold colour, though you could probably tint them with alcohol ink if you need another colour.  Once you have all the beads on there that you want a rubber earring back will keep them from sliding down.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the info. I have figured it out and used a metal bead cap on top which worked.


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