Not really a discussion...? But just wanted to say..." I LOVE MAKING HATS" ;-);-)

When I'm not making, I'm researching/looking/desiring hats

Am I alone in this  or is everyone else 'hat obsessed?'

Thoughts please....?

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 I am obsessed as well!  It seems to be going around a lot these days. :)

Love it Bridget and Jay!

I'm definately not alone then!

So very true! x

Alone? With this crowd? There are so many hat addicts here, we may need to start a support group. Oh wait, Elaine already did! :)

I have to admit, your not alone, I too am Hat Obsessed !

Everything is a possible material or trim to create a hat, facinator

or clothing. I love to design and create !

Me too Shirley!

I'm so lucky to have a husband who has his own fabrics...;-)

NOPE you are not alone. My family is getting sick of me talking about hats all the time. :)

I call myself a hat fanatic. I think and see hats out of everything. I feel lost when I don't have a hat in the works but when I don't I'm always thinking about the next one. I'm running out of people who want to hear me going on about what material this one or that one is going to be or how this one will be unique. Yep, I've definitely got the hat fever...BAD!

The other day, one of my daughters threatened and intervention, when I suggested turning our huge family room into my studio. 

Why I don't see a thing wrong with that! Who wouldn't want most of the house to be a studio, think of all the room you would have for your hats...

Oh, Yes indeed!!!! And what more beautiful adornment for a room than hats?!?

What is sad is that I have a husband that travels a great deal for work. With the kids grown and gone, it has been the perfect opportunity for my hats to migrate to the family room (24" X 24" perfect size for a studio), and then tables seem to magically set themselves up and before you know it, the whole process is taking place with old movies playing in the background for inspiration. *hangs head in shame, but still not ready for an intervention* That moment when everything gets moved back to the studio (small spare bedroom) and think, "Something is missing in this room, but I can't quite put my finger on it."


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