hello, has anybody got a reliable link to a hat box supplier on Alibaba or Alixpress?

thank you

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Hi Monika

At the moment, as im just starting out,  I use ikea Boxes 3 sizes for $20.00


Hope this helps

Gwenda from Flaxscinator.com.au

thank you, Gwenda!

these are really quite pretty boxes - alas there is no Ikea in NZ and shipping them over is probably 4 times the cost of the boxes. ....toddling off to cry in a little corner now... :(

What about asking some NZ milliners? I know one from NZ had workshops at the conference in July. There should be large packaging and box companies there, my cousin worked in one in Christchurch. Have you tried asking at shoe shops? Some of the boot boxes are ideal for medium sized hats. Also cake boxes come in all sizes too.

Dear Monika.

Im so sorry I didnt know you were in New Zealand.



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