Happy 2016. Fascinating Millinery uk, is returning.

After what seams like forever. I'm hoping that this year 2016 will be the turning point of Fascinating Millinery UK. After a long period of not doing very much at all, having to give up my unit, that I had just settled into, due to hubby falling very ill with heart failure at the very young age of 44, the added stress of worring we would loose our home, all bundled into one horrid package, and thinking my Millinery days had come to a complete stop.  However I have made the decision that this will be the year that 'I' 'Fascinating Millinery uk' will be back. If things come to fruition and I am going to do my upmost to see that they do, I hope to be in full glory, back online, and maybe even in a small unit somewhere near here very soon.

Wish me luck fellow hatters, hope to speak, or maybe even see some of you soon. 

Best wishes with whatever you have planned for 2016, 

Happy hatting, and a very Happy 2016.

Karen O'Flynn

Fascinating Millinery UK. 

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Congratulations Karen for coming back to that commitment to get back into your millinery. Our skills and creativity never leave us but just stay on hold when life seems to swamp us. Tough times make us stronger and more determined. Best Wishes for 2016 xx  


Thank you Elaine Mergard .  I appreciate your comment. X

Hi Karyn,

I wish you and your husband all the best of luck in regards to his health. What a difficult year for you both. I wish you all the best for your hatty passion crusade :) I'll be at Cheltenham festival in March, hope to see you there! . xxx sending lots of good hatty juju vibes your way. Ana.

Hi Karen
Hope everything works well for you and your family, all the best through these challenging times,

Cassandra, Kent UK


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