My business has outgrown my work space, but not quite ready to build a separate studio. I have now expanded from a small bedroom into the front room and family room. I will admit I am one of those people who is happiest creating, when I can see all my goodie.  I also tend to block several hats at one time, so do have difficulty containing myself. Right now, I am saving to enclose an area of our machine shop for a studio. 1. What were some successful ways you coped with growing pains. 2. If you could build your dream studio, what would you include? Thanks!

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My husband added a huge studio for me when building our new garage. It's totally, totally filled- so no matter how much space you have you WILL use it all and want more Think big to start. Being a slab floor, heating coils w/in the concrete would be one, a library ladder than runs the length of the shelving to access the higher fabric bins, another, and lastly, someone to clean up after me! Storage and labeling have been most useful to me.

LOL, Tracy.  I think you are correct!  We have a big machine shop on our farm that has a section with a concrete floor that I have been eyeing, but I need to net enough from my business to enclose the area, so saving pennies.   The library ladder also sounds great.  I have also want counter space/work bench around the perimeter with big drawers /shelves under them.  More $. . . . . Oh dear, I figure dream big right?

Absolutely! (aim at nothing and that's exactly what you'll hit) My studio is what it is at this point. Should have been more assertive during the building process as I won't get another chance at 65! 

I figure, when I get to build, it will be my only chance, so want to do it the way I want.  But, then there is the big bank barn. . . . I could have three levels to store all my jun . . .I mean treasures in. LOL


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