Accessories have taken to gold this season. Is it a natural flow on after the Olympics? Even models had their moment at the closing ceremony in gold ball gowns and gold accessories. 

Would you wear a gold hat? Is a complete hat in gold too much of a statement?  Would it be best to just trim in gold??

Share your thoughts or a photo of a piece you have created or own which has the golden touch.

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Somethings that look fantastic in the moment at a catwalk show, do not look so great on the "street" as there isn't much of the decor and atmosphere enforced on a show.

Personally an odd touch of gold here and there with something to accent it is goods, as gold outfits have this tendency to look tacky very quickly.

One needs to learn to keep things in taste!!

My first thought about gold hats was "ick" but then I looked at the video, and I think I rather like the gold.  I like the gold color in the video , but I don't think I would like a metallic-looking hat--would look too much like a helmet.  

I like when the gold is mixed with some other color.  

On a side note, that video really makes me want a glass of wine.  Too bad it's Tuesday at 10 a.m.!  :)


Great video. I LOVE gold. I thought the Stephen Jones gold feather headdress modelled at the Olympics ceremony was amazing. I bought some gold sinamay a few months ago and cant wait to try it.

I think the key to gold though is keeping it simple, elegant and unfussy. And it should be worn with a plain unpatterned dress as a general rule. 

I don't think that I could personally pull off a gold hat.  For one, I just don't think I have the coloring for gold.  I think a touch of gold can be tastefully applied, to wear an all gold hat?  I will say that several years ago, I worked with a very small woman in her 70's who wore metalic accessories very well.  She had metalic colored shoes, purses, etc. I have to say, she wore them well, if anyone could do it, she could have.

I love the hat that Brodie is wearing in the video. It has just the right amount of sparkle and decoration and really brings out her golden locks. I agree that the white dress was the perfect choice. I think a metallic or gold hat could work if it is used as an accent (hat, clutch, earrings, heels). I have been hand-painting with gold and gold leaf on many of my items this year. I like to also bring in shades of yellow, ochre and browns to add more layers/texture to the gold. Dark colors like black and navy also really offset well.

Here's a few detail shots of how I've used gold :)

At a major race event, a whole hat in gold is a major statement and I believe takes some confidence to wear. The dress would need to be understated. My preference would be gold trimming maybe barbs less is more.

I have recently made a parasail beret in gold and added some gold roses to the back. It looks fabulous (although as yet awaiting a buyer!) - I would happily wear it to do the washing up!

I think gold and bronze in fact,  are wonderful colour tones for hats and headpieces as they are so rich and warm - two qualities which silver tones lack, in my opinion.



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