Glossy Finish on Straw and Sinamay ?


I'm curious to know if anyone has been able to get a high gloss finish on hemp straw braid or sinamay.

I have tried several makes of spray gloss varnish, and, disappointingly they have all resulted in more of a matte finish.

I thought about trying yacht varnish but my paint brush skills leave a lot to be desired.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance,


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In the 60s we would put vaseline on a cloth and rub into finished pari for shine just as we did to our patent leather shoes to keep them shiny - never thought to try on sinamay - test on a scrap maybe.


I was wondering Elaine how the high gloss was obtained. I recently purchased a 60s style parasisal hat and it had a lovely high gloss sheen to it. Thanks for sharing.

I have many experiences with repairing straw hats. I recommend Ronseal's red label, ultra tough polyurethane varnish (gloss). It leaves a very glossy finish to the straw hats.


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