French girl enjoying French Flower making

Hi all !

I am delighted to be here !

I live in France, born in Belgium. I am very happy to understand English enough to be able to follow Elaine's fantastic lessons. Thank you Elaine for your clear elocution !!!

I am a silk flower maker (or actually trying to become one...) and it's not easy to find serious courses on that skill. I already own several books (lots of them in... japanese - but the pics speak for themselves). I am very very happy I found this video classes as it's way easier to understand a technique when you actually see the gesture you want to "copy" !

Here's some pics of the silk flowers I already did. I hope to progress a lot with this course and I will post here my steps (good fashion to challenge myself is to share my projects with you all...)

See you soon,

Hugs from France


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Hi Marie Yours flowers are so pretty. so glad you are enjoying making them. When you come to make the centre of the Montville rose the cylindrical tool in the middle of this set from House of Adorn is the one you use. Using fine silk like Organza bias strip 1.5 -2cms width attach securely at one end with a long needle and double thread- about 15cms of thread. Once tool is heated drop  the needle through one of the narrow holes and very slowly pull through and it will auto fold to make a fine spiral to then use as centre of the rose. Elaine

Oh thank you sooo much Elaine !

I own the tool, in a slighly different shape, and I still have to try it...

Just need to I find time, and I will let you know for sure.

Love from France, Marie.

Hi Marie-

Your silk flowers are beautiful!  I just started the "Essentials" course and am totally new to hat making, which is my area of interest. 

Aside from the other many basics of hat making, I am looking forward to learning how to make trims, especially flowers.  I can only hope to become half as good at it as you!

Good luck in your progress with the course!



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