French Flower Making first attempts

I'm loving the French Flower Making classes, and tonight I finished my first rose in pale pink silk georgette stiffened with gelatine. It's not perfect by any stretch but I'm really happy with it as a first attempt! Thanks for the wonderful class.

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Beautiful and stunning flower!

Thank you!

It's gorgeous!

I can't imagine what perfect must look like because that looks great!

In man,s hand all flowers became beatiful!

It looks beautiful! Congrats!
  • How stunning it looks and very professional, I'm definitely  thinking of trying it myself.

Beautiful work.

Andrew,  you have done a wonderful job. It's beautiful!

Hi! Andrew, I love the flower I have done the tutorials they are great but I haven't used gelatine.

How stiff is the flower using Gelatine, are they very stiff or have they a softness if you know what I mean?

I have used sinamay stiffener also hairspray and spray starch all of these give different results.  


Shelagh, the gelatine gives the silk georgette a sort of papery feel and stiffness. It also makes it slightly sparkly, which is presumably the crystals in the gelatine. I haven't tried the other methods on the same fabric yet, although I do have some of the solvent based sizing.  The silk georgette is very fine and limp without the sizing but it still feels a little malleable after, not rock hard. I quite like it and had no problem with scorching using the 30w setting on the soldering iron.

Thank you for getting back to me.  I am going to try the gelatine.  I have some cotton organdie and as it doesn't have a sheen I would like to see if the galantine leaves a sparkle. I don't use the electric irons I use the tools that you heat on a hob, but by testing the heat I haven't had problems.


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