The Fedora hat first appeared in late 1880s and was worn as a symbol of wealth. In the 1940s, gangster and detective movies featured men wearing fedoras, and the hat took on a different meaning. The Fashion catwalks are embracing the fedora for women's wear but would you wear one? How can we make them more feminine?

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I actually think that the slightly masculine lines of this hat is very complimentary to females.  I personally would wear it as meant, but I have experimented and have decorated Female fedoras with sequins, glass, and also pleated ribbons.  I have even gone so far as to put pleats in the brim for my female customers just to make it more exciting for them.

Traditional stuff is good, but the problem is that the chinese do it so well in their fast turn around factories that these hats now sell in markets for about £8 and there is nothing special about them anymore.  It is always great to think out of the box and to change something common into something unique and individual to the person wearing it.

Not everyone wants to be the same!!

I totally agree-The Chinese copy us-always-I don't think they have ever had an original idea-I don't mean to slight anyone-but on more than 1-(and it is a much greater number than that)I and my fellow artist have been ripped off by the Chinese factories-I would love to see some of your fedoras-where can I look-

Yes Cynthia it happens all the time. When the imported hats have borrowed ( stolen) my concept down to the exact same fabric it is annoying so what can I do ?.... Accept it as a compliment and step up the design to the next level. It challenges me to be more innovative.

Competition is the greatest stimulus for the creative thinker.  Keep coming up with more new concepts Edith to keep your work unique and ahead of the rest.

I used to work for one of the top law firms in this country and what you do is actually sue, the on ly proof you need are drawings, sketches, dates and evidence of where you bought your bits and pieces and sue - usually if proven right you will get the majority of all actual and annual sales and much more besides.iTS UP to you how you want to deal with that some people have the staying power and others just back off like cowards!!

The Fedora has not been my favourite to wear until recently I made myself one and wrapped the brim with pale green Sinamay and added five straw flowers with a bead in each to the side. The end result is a much more feminine and versatile hat that I love.
I agree that the style has been both simplified and in many ways mad poorly in order to meet the demand of current fashion.


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