On which side do  you wear a Fascinator or Headpiece  This Headpiece could be worn on either the right hand side or the left hand side. Which do you think is best ??  Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard wore her Head Piece on the Left Hand side at the Royal wedding and so many criticised her. Was she right or wrong? 

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I'm from the states so I didn't know that there was a "proper" side to wear fascinators on. Where did this idea come from? I'm left handed and automatically do things from the left.  My right side is my "better" side. Would I want to cover it up? I think there are a lot more important things to critisize or applaud a world leader for than what side her hat is on.


Who would be a politician ???  But when these topics are in the media they are talking about Hats not her outfit so that is plus for Milliners. I am a left hand side wearer also. I saw one of my Head Pieces in media recently -designed for Left Hand side was on the girls RHS. She had changed the shape to suit but she looked great and she paid for it so that is what is important.  

Yes male politicians get criticized for their opinions, women get criticized for what they are wearing. You don't hear a TV newscaster say. "Oh that MP, He shouldn't wear charcoal grey suits, that is just not his color!" or " That is a really awful tie, he needs a blue one." In the 2008 campaign here in the states, Hillary Clinton was criticized more for her wardrobe than for her opinions. I saw her in an interview after the election. She was speaking to a female newscaster. Someone made a comment about the slacks she always wore. She said "Would you want someone photographing up your dress?" There were all kinds of nasty things said about the why  of her wardrobe choices by men. None of them even once said she was wearing slacks so photographers couldn't take pictures of her underwear when she was sitting on a tractor or jumping up onto something. (I guess because men didn't want to admit that they would do something like that! LOL)


I was told by my millinery teacher Mr. Roger Hocket, Berkeley, CA, Adult School the men wear their hair parted on the left side and women wear their hair parted on the right side therefore, following that, flowers and decorations on women hats are always placed heavier on the right side of the hat and men usually place the feather on the left side. 

Thanks Queen E Great information.

What would you do if your hair just didn't "go" that way. My hair has always taken curl well but has  been very uncooperative. I just happen to part my hair on the right because if I part it on the left, my hair stands up funny. Oh well, like I said, there are more serious things to worry about than what side your hat is on. If you don't want to pick sides just wear one in the middle or wear a whole hat! Many of my fascinators go in the middle of the head anyway. Some of the feathers or a bow may point to one side or another, but the hat part is in the middle. I try to make it easy for my customers. It is my philosophy that if you want to encourage caucasian  women in the USA to wear hats, you should start with hats that aren't too wild. Many African American women wear hats to church in the US (and some of those are really big and different!) but for the most part no one else does.  Most of my hats are rather mild. To me most women who have never worn a hat are going to go for something simple and not real wide or high so that the wearer wouldn't stand out.  Very seldom does anyone in my church wear a hat. Once in a while one lady wears a hat but that is all. When I wear a hat to church it is a small simple one. Besides, I don't want the little elderly lady that usually sits behind me to have her vision blocked.

Yes Helen, we must make it easy for our customers...at the end of day they are wearing the hat and know what is most comfortable for them. I wear hats on RHS over my part as that is what I feel comfortable with. I have started to realize that in different parts of our world the hat designs are more moderate than here in Australia. It is the Racing industry here that sets the pace & competitions on Race Day Fashions on the Field offer such huge prizes it has created huge interest on Innovation in Millinery. No hats worn at our church & few churches here wear hats - wish they did as it would lift sales!!  Personally I prefer simplicity in trim but need the tilt or turn up to balance the width of my face.

It all boils down to customer service. What does the customer want? Like I said I make simple comfortable hats because not very many women especially women under 50 wear hats around here. I think that simple hats would be more appealing to the customer who hasn't worn a hat before. I LOVE some of the wonderful creations of Elsie and the others. Around here though, the simplier the better for younger women. I always wear a hat on Easter. Other times I've been known to make a dress and a hat to go with it. In the summer in Dallas when it is incredibly hot even when you go to church at 9:30 in the morning, wearing hats isn't the most practical.  My grandmother always wore a hat to church and I particularly remember a grey silk pillbox with seed pearls that she wore when she took me too church when I was 3 or 4.  I'll keep wearing hats and maybe a woman under the age of 70 will ask about my hats. (The elderly ladys love my hats, the younger ones give me funny looks)

As a LHS wearer I have difficulty making a piece for the RHS- there seems to be something in my head that has a bias to LHS. One of stores I sell to asked me to make more on RHS. After a big RaceDay here on Gold Coast I viewed slideshow of happenings and counted how many on RHS =85%. So I must listen to consumer market for wholesale range.

I have to be honest and say I made the above Head piece for RHS but prefer the flow of it on LHS. What do you think??

Many times I arrive at the Store to see someone trying on a hat ...back to front with the swing tag hanging over their nose and hear friend say, "It looks fabulous." Some styles can be reversible but not if a seam is evident!!  

If a customer likes it a certain way, that's fine with me. I made a all feather fascinator for a friend who went to Ireland for a wedding last April. She said she loved it when she put it on what I thought was backwards. If she likes it that way, she can wear it that way. She was absolutely thrilled with the fascinator so I'm thrilled too.

I was told...not sure by whom, that if you have a side part you wear the fascinator on the side that has less hair..to balance out I suppose.

It does depend on the fascinator as well of course and the individual's tastes

I'm from South Africa, and most of my clients don't even know how to wear a basic hat. And for some reason they always put the trimming at the back.


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