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Dear Milliners

I create Hats and Fascinators using hand woven flax flowers from New Zealand. I also am a Photographer and am thinking about extending my services to product photography.

Is anyone interested in having their creations Professional Photographed?  All I need is a few jobs to see if it’s viable and will offer a completive rate.

I am based in Brisbane and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. 

I have added  a few images of my own work as an exampl. 


Gwenda Harvey

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I would like my pictures of my hats to be sharper and clearer.  What is the best and least expensive camera that will give me the best results.  Also I have been trying to use natural light, but I find that it is not always bright enough, but when I use a light it casts shadows and I want clear pics like yours.  Any suggestions would help.  Thanks


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