Expanding my brand in Europe and looking for like-minded fellow milliners

Hi Ladies,

I have a big change coming up in life - third baby on the way! And I am thinking to optimise my business and outsource  more work i.e. invite fellow milliners to collaborate. 

I have build more or less stable brand www.beretkah.co.uk specialising in accessories and also millinery (but the recent shift was rather towards unusual accessories). We sell in Russia, the UK, Germany and online via etsy.

I have never really employed people and don't want to see it as an employment but rather collaboration in creating unique pieces under my artistic supervision.

If you know someone who might be willing to join or maybe places (courses?) where I can find graduates?

Any advice is highly appreciated!)

Much love from Berlin

Tatiana x

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Hello Tatiana -

I live in the USA and am a beginner milliner. I found your post when I joined the Hat Academy website and was intrigued by what you have planned. While I am a beginner, I have some wonderful ideas and am looking for opportunities such as this to help me on my way to becoming a milliner! 

Even though I am a beginner, this might be a good opportunity for me and I would like more info on what you are planning and if I might fit into your plans in some way. The fact that I AM a beginner might be a positive for you as I haven't fallen into any habits that would hinder your creative process. I would be able to follow instruction and be pliable enough to accept your instruction as a part of my learning and journey into millinery. 

Sadly, there are very few milliner training opportunities in the US and those are usually in large metropolitan areas. I live in a very small town in Texas where the only training I can hope for is online and I am limited by financials as far as paying for online classes. I am currently self taught and am driven by my creativity/artistic and design skills which I was born with. I will attach a hat that is 'in progress' as an example but know that it IS 'in progress' and NOT the finished product.

I am intrigued by your post and am interested in learning more about what you are planning and if I might fit in with your plans for expansion. I can offer you my drive, design skills and, most importantly, my willingness to be 'molded' into a milliner by a good mentor. This might be an opportunity for the both of us to expand our horizons of creativity and I would love to obtain additional information!

My email address is txprowriter@gmail.com or I can respond to you here. Either way, I look forward to hearing from you!


Debbe Ferris




I have just watched your video and all that I can say is - AMAZING!! You have even incorporated gemstones (or gemstone-like) into your pieces and jewelry making is my second love! (I have been making jewelry for 2 years prior to my jump into millinery). I am fascinated with your work and I would like to reiterate my interest in joining your team to create some 'mayhem' in the world of millinery and fashion!!

I have also attached a few pieces that I have been working on today (after my last message) to give you some idea as to my taste, my inspiration and my skills to this point. I would love to speak to you about coming on board for your expansion and the possibility of your expanding your line to the United States.

Let's Talk Soon!



PS. I am not accustom to including a link to work in my drive as opposed to a simple attachment so let me know if these do not come out OK..

For A Hispanic Quinceañera or Wedding

Quinceanera/Wedding Fascinator 2_Full Length

Coq Feather_Fascinator

Fascinator In Progress


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