Having yesterday received an order for a pale lemon fascinator, I was disappointed than no UK suppliers had anything other than vibrant yellow sinamay.  I followed the discussion on here but do not have a local stockist of Dylon fabric paint so I decided to try an experiment.  I have a bottle each of yellow and white poster paint from The Works (£1.00 for 300ml bottle) which I mixed and applied to a scrap of sinamay with a sponge and left overnight.  This morning I ironed the piece on both sides, allowed it to cool and placed it in a bowl of cold water.  I have just come back after 5 hours and there is no loss of colour at all.  Has anyone ever tried this?  Can it really be this easy?

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Hi, I haven't tried this, but  for future reference I have found rainbow silks is an excellent supplier for dyes if you want quick UK delivery.

Thank you Charmaine.  I have made the fascinator today and still no bleed or colour transfer.  I will have a look at Rainbow Silks as I have not come across them before.

If I was to colour a hat base or something large I use MTN spray paints. However I find them very heavy on lighter things like feathers and flowers...I assume it would be more of a fabric paint I would use. Could anybody recommend a brand? I am based in Ireland.


I have since used the poster paint on feathers and then sealed them with a warm iron over a tea towel and they too have been fine even after the water test.  As poster paint is already diluted it is not at all heavy or gloopy. I tried feathers with fabric paint but found it a bit thick.  I found cold water dyes are ok but you need to be prepared for a lot of trial and error whilst trying to get the shade correct.  I have used Dylon. 

As childrens poster paint is really cheap (£1.00 for a large bottle here), perhaps it is worth a go on some odd bits and pieces.  Fabric paint will be fine for flowers.  I apply both types of paint with a make up sponge.

Hi Susie, when you say poster paints, are they acrylic based paints? 

Hi Ana

It just says 'water based poster paint' on the bottle. It is the type of paint given to young children and comes ready mixed in 500ml bottles. 


Helmar 'Design Master" is what florists use to recolour fabric flowers - terribly toxic (use gloves , long sleeves and mask in outdoor area ) but does not fade in sun when used on straws or fabric & that is the real test to suitability of any recolouring. You may be able to buy from your local florist otherwise and a florist wholesaler.   


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