I just purchased these three hats. They were all smashed and trim faded and falling off. They were in a Dotty Dunn hat box. Can anyone tell me anything about any of these hats or especially about the Dotty Dunn Hat company? I have reshaped and retrimmed them all. So the trim is not original.

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Thank you so much. This is what I was looking for.

Yes, I have worn the off white hat. It really wasnt too uncomfortable. I just put the clamps down in my curls, pinned on the hat and we were off.

I have very long hair and usually have it in some sort of updo, so as long as I have a hat pin I am good to go. I just gently pulled the clamps out so that they just rested against my head and didnt squeeze. I let the pin do the work.

Beautiful hat.


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